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"I Fell for You"   featured in the annual Dragon Writers Anthology 2007  

"Migraine Drain"  included in Migraine Expressions - a collection produced by Betsy Blondin and Word Metro

 Migraine Expressions can be ordered here. 


Work In Progress

The Art of Kissing Concrete - this is progressing steadily and I hope to have a completed draft copy ready by November

Performance events: TBC

Performance Reviews

"An excellent evening all round. Sooz was outstanding, Nick the Cabbie is hilarious, Jeff Best really made me laugh, Christa Joyce astounded me, Liana is a joy, Henstoat has re-invented literary lyrics and he can sing, Freda really made me think, Stephanie, Barenib and Caroline were excellent from the floor and Clare Cochrane is a real find." 

                    Tony Cook talking about an ABC Tales sponsored performance evening event at a venue in Barbican, London

Publishing Reviews:

    For Dead Good Once...Upon a Time

"Dead Good. Its not very usual to find writing that holds up in so many different mediums. She'll keep you on the edge of your chair" 

                                                                                                   Barbie Rench, USA

"This looks like exactly the kind of horror I'm into. I'll be buying this one. "

                                                                                                                                         TL Miller

"An interesting collection with something for everyone. Stories ranging from the short and poignant to the darkly disturbing. The writing has a certain honesty and style. I would have to agree, it is Dead Good."

                                                                                          Daisy Jordon

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