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Small Round things

Things, and small round things in particular, have become a part of daily life in our house.Thing has become the common term for any item or object whose name escapes me at any given moment. Those who know me well have become adept at interpreting the precise meaning of Thing.

 The small round things stem from the early days post accident when I was in hospital. Totally unprepared for hospital admission and so without any personal belongings at all - and with a healthy aversion to hospital food -  I called my husband to ask him to bring me some essentials.

Unfortunately for him I had no idea what these essentials were, and being a man - and a helathy one at that -  he was pretty clueless on what might be eneded for a hospital stay. After much discussion we apparently agreed upon toothbrush and tooth paste, soap, clean underwear and a book...which remained unread by me.

In addition I asked him to bring me something to eat...and he naturally asked what I would like. At the time I was quite literally lost for words ... and although I wouldn't admit it at the time, I couldn't even remember his name (I have since told him and we have laughed about it....and many other early glitches) so I was zero help on the what to buy front...Then it dawned on me that I would like....things. It was too early for successful interpretation and after much discussion and debate, and a few frustrated tears we got as far as small round things...

Bless him, he really tried. he even rang me form the store to double check...and to see if I had managed to identify these things I wanted. I hadn't. He made a few suggestions and it quickly became apparent form my irritation that  I knew what I didn't want.

He tried to cover the bases and returned with a selection of things which loosely fulfilled the criteria of being small round things. There were muffins -  he explained how he'd even selected chocolate because he knew I didn't like the way blueberries turned the cake grey (I didn't know that)...there were fruit mousses in small pots - I ate those with my fingers because, for reasons we were never able to fathom,  I refused point blank to accept a spoon from the nurse..and there was a selection of fruit - apples, tangerines and grapes...all small and all round.

Yet none of these were the right small round things. I was furious. I was partly angry at him for not bringing what I wanted, even though I knew I hadnt been able to tell him, I wanted him to know what I needed...But mainly I was angry at myself for not being able to explain what I wanted and for being irrational and angry and for not being able to help or stop myself.

To this day we haven't been able to figure out what those small round things were...and I suspect we will never know. 

Small Round things
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