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I have a number of blogs which are updated with varying degress of frequency. They range across a number of topics namely writing, health or life in general related

The Art of Kissing Concrete

Still Lost for Words

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Living Blog Two Thousand and...

Writing Wrongs

Lost for Words

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These are a few of my favourite things...

Writing websites

The Writing Bridge  possibly the best on line creative writing workshop in the world

Raving Dove online literary magazine

Still Crazy After all These Fears  insights from the mind of the brilliant Tony May

Roadblocks, Detours and Roundabouts  the thoughts and writing of Canadian writer Linda Gallant Potts

ABC Tales - setting Literature Free

NaNoWriMo - November Noveling Madness

Sites of possible interest to writers

Rhymezone - online dictionary resource of rhyming words

Peevish - Onliine dictionary resource of UK slang

Gossip - as overheard on the London Underground

Brain Injury related:

Headway - Support Headway North London

William Fairbank - talented multimedia artists, sculptor & film maker

Other sites of note:

Health Talk  - on living with chronic conditions

Freecycle - sociable way to recycle


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