Christa Joyce
Writing Wrongs

Since my accident in 2006 I had to find a creative outlet  to avoid going stir crazy. Finding myself lost for words was not a good place, especially for someone for whom words were the tools of the trade. As a schoolchild I was officially pronounced useless at handicrafts, needlework in particular. I am tone deaf and musically inept and do not have a traditionally artistic bone in my body...yet I felt sure there must be something I could be reasonably good at and find enjoyable.

My memory issues pointed me in the direction of creating memories style crafts - photo albums and scrapbooks could be a way to preserve information that may one day prompt a memory...and so I set off to explore these arts....only to find myself totally confused and bewildered by all the technical terms and design elements.

Then I discovered alternative papercrafts and was delighted to find an area where I could become competent , find a creative outlet and have something 'for me' that I both enjoyed and that produced a measurable end product.

I have been pleased with the way this has developed. I  made hundreds of cards in the three month period from the end of August 2008. Admittedly some of the earlier attempts were a bit primitive, but I am starting to develop an eye and the process is becoming faster and more efficient with practice.

I was amazed and delighted to actually sell some of my cards - over half of which were bought by people I do not know - so no symptahy vote involved there...thank goodness! I have completed several commissioned orders and I am getting more via word of mouth. Satisfied customers are the best form of advertising it seems...

Samples of my cards will be appearing in the gallery one of these days - just as soon as I can get to grips with the technical aspects.

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