Christa Joyce
Writing Wrongs

TBI - the invisible nightmare

Traumatic Brain Injury affects millions of people in the world and can happen to anyone at any time without warning.

Injuries may range from the life threatening coma to the seemingly minor bump on the head, but the long term effects can be devastating...both for the person concerned and for their friends, families and colleagues. TBI can tip a world on its head and things may never be the same again.

Imagine....a normal day at work. The sun is shining and you are walking along chatting away to your colleague and then suddenly you are face down kissing concrete. The lights go out. There is nothing but hot blackness...and pain.

You awake to find yourself wrapped in a cold stone embrace, your mouth filled with a mixture of street dirt and blood.Your clothes torn and tattered; your shoes yards away.

What happened?

There is nothing...nothing more than the pain in your face and the awful realisation that there is too much blood and you don't have enough clean hands.


Days later you start to realise you have lost yourself. You've lost words and thoughts and memories. There are no clues, no visuals, no pictures in your mind, no anything.

Kissing concrete has robbed you of your senses...quite literally.

Time passes and you realise with a fierce  amd horrible certainty that nothing will ever be quite the same again.

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